Prosperland beschleunigt den digitalen Wandel, dadurch, dass alle Beschäftigte ihre eigenen Erfahrungen zur Wirkung bringen können.

Let people create their own workday Ecosystem! Build up your own internal Prosperland and see how it prospers !

Lots of trees form a forest, but not all of them have the same demand in soil, sun and water. What can be done so that each of them can grow and flourish? What can be done to adapt to changing challenges?

In Prosperland, employees actively form their own ecosystem, thriving for best conditions to grow. They themselves create a world that they love, a world that they don’t want to leave.



Is it money? Is it trust? Is it the challenge? Is it a mixture? Whatever the reason why people feel well embedded in their jobs – give them the power to create an ecosystem that fits to each and  all. 

In times of robots, humans need to become the active corrective

In Prosperland, the world is moving. What counts today, is not what counts tomorrow. What needs to be done to adapt?

Based on 80 sensor points along the day-to-day journey, with quick checkups when passing by.

There can be many ideas of a perfect life. Perceived 'Quality of Life' is meant to summarize them all.

accompanying all waves of changes

supporting an organic development

providing voice and impact

generating action
every day

We work according to the rules of ESOMAR for social science data processing

Since 1947, ESOMAR has set the fundamental international standards for data-driven scientific projects, in partnership with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the Global Business Research Network (GRBN) and a network of over 60 national and international associations. We use this code to ensure our projects stay on the right side of ethical and legal lines, regardless of where they are conducted.

We are frequently audited with respect to the standards of DSGVO and ISO 27001.

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