Between Homeoffice, NewWork and Digital Transformation

Home office working, became a reality for many employees. Boosted by Covid, it is the first step in the ‘NewWork’ era, is here to stay. At the same time, it becomes clear how much it demands of the employees. Prosper ensures active involvement and participation in shaping the new world of work. It provides the company management and the employee representative bodies with a reference for decision-making, It supplies the individual employee with tools to improve their situation, and it also ensures the compliance with national and international privacy standards. 

Prosper checks certain things at the end of the working day: did the rules work at your workplace today?

How well looked after, how overloaded do you feel?

Prosper gets an update from employees once a week by asking certain questions: Does your workplace meet your needs? Do you have all the tools you need to succeed?

If the reality check shows a lot of stress, Prosper checks the factors that are influencing that and shows where the most important starting points for action are.

What is the subjective feeling of safety at work?

Prosper is a ‘lightweight’ solution – it is easy to use and quick to install and customize. But that should not hide the fact that success depends on ‘closing the loop’. The goal is only achieved when the results lead to adjustments which have positive effects.

A team of activators bring together everyone who is responsible for implementing the Covid measures in any area of the company – a building, a floor, a department etc. Each member of the activator team receives a personal dashboard with the results for their area. But there is also a cumulative dashboard for each additional level.

Each dashboard contains not only the results of the feedback, but also the corresponding action items that have been devised.

How well are you dealing with the challenges of working from home?​

After all these months of practice, the home office is still a challenge for everyone involved. However, the advantages of a home office solution for companies and employees are so clear by now that the focus should be on taking on the challenges.

The challenges are varied. From the company’s point of view, it’s about workflows and IT and security. From the employee’s point of view, these factors all influence their personal feelings.

But these are not the only influencing factors. The home conditions or the isolation can cause the experience of the home office to decline in the collective perception of the company.

Prosper provides a solution by regularly asking for an evaluation of these factors from the personal point of view. The individual variables are chosen based on the results of research institutes that have conducted research for the insurers.

Get an overview of the psychological stress on employees

There are few topics that are more personal than psychological stress. And most people find everyday life under Covid to be a challenge. But there are big differences in how people deal with that stress, if only because stress often has more than one source.

Measuring stress levels can be an important health protection task. Since stress is a question of personal feelings, it makes sense to ask employees how they are coping. The prerequisite for reliable answers to that question is their anonymity.

The essential information results from the compression of the cases. What are the biggest sources of stress? What are the main reasons for this? How are things related?

It is an organizational approach, not a therapeutic one. The result provides evidence to help improve an employee’s conditions as a whole and, as a result, alleviate stress for every individual.

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