Prosperland revolutionizes HR and Workday Management

Let your people create a workday ecosystem that they love!

Attracting and retaining “talent” is a key to success for many companies, especially in times of digital transformation. But the labor markets are on the move and require new recipes.

Prosperland ensures that employees feel well ’embedded’ in their company, that they not only feel supported in their professional challenges, but also in their life plans and their personal development.

Prosperland works with an advanced “microdrop” feedback technology and communicates with internal systems. Prosperland brings advantages for the company and the individual employee and opens up a new horizon for HR management.

The focus is on long term employee bonding

Clear goals, measurable success

Clear line for HR and internal communication

Today’s technology makes it possible to offer every employee optimal conditions for development. Even if different life plans play a role. Prosperland supports this, because it not only gives everyone an influence, but also offers individualized services.

Digitalization and ‘remote’ office go hand in hand. The company’s teams are not only moving away geographically, but also in the way they work. How do you know how they are coping, where they need support? Prosperland brings them back together in a way that everyone can understand.

Internal communication is traditionally determined by the purpose of the company. That alone is not enough to bind people. Bonds are created through reciprocity. Prosperland gives the employees the initiative and the company the opportunity to address these issues.

Prosperland integrates all types of working environments

Prosperland integrates workers from different locations and different work cultures, because it understands the effects on the individual “image of reality” in equal measure.

It condenses shared reality into a single virtual ecosystem seen from and driven by all employees’ perspectives. It creates transparency over 80 “social sensors” at the critical points of working life.

This ecosystem is a living body that accompanies daily challenges and adjusts conditions to improve employees’ lives. It also initiates changes itself, gives signals and advice on where corrections are necessary and helpful.

Human-Robotic-Ecosystems (VHRE - Intranet 4.0)

Prosperland was developed in close cooperation with a customer company. The long-term goal is to create a Virtual Human Robotics Ecosystem (VHRE) – equivalent to an Intranet 4.0 – that is visual and designable. The company with 90,000 employees ’employs’ 20,000 process robots, with great growth. Conflicts with (human) teams create friction losses that threaten to grow.
Prosperland is the means of recognizing such conflicts and solving them in the interests of the employees. This means “educating” robotic elements to interact with humans in compatible and productive ways.

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“The clarity with which you bring your skills to bear in the market, the logic you use, the structured and consistent way you do what you do, in all my years of practice around the world, Metrinomics stands out as the clearest provider of this type of service that I have ever met.”

Ron Kaufman, Singapore
CEO of an international consulting company

“Metrinomics is very good at getting information, understanding it and getting it to the right places. You have brought the knowledge of ‘Interaction-as-a-Science’ to our company and helped us to initiate the right measures. It was an amazing experience to see how Metrinomics can advise.”

Ashok Dandekar, Dallas
Director of ‘Customer Excellence’

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