Successful relationship management of companies

Values are created in the eyes of customers, employees, suppliers, of people. Metrinomics creates worlds of data that reflect individual value perceptions. This is the starting point for adaptation and optimization. Metrinomics develops, operates, advises.

Prosperland revolutionizes Human Resources Management

In Prosperland, employees build their own working environment – their workforce ecosystem. Prosperland strengthens the bonds and the sense of belonging. It has a sustainable effect against brain drain and movement of labor. 

Our focus is the subjective view of what counts

Every thing looks different from other perspectives. However, for the individual the specific view is “the truth”. What used to be a confusing factor in the past, in fact follows a “subjective logic”. Artificial intelligence and human rules are the tools to use this logic to control adaptation processes in everyday life and to involve all stakeholders.

We develop systems and algorithms to improve relations and ease frictions between the different stakeholders of companies. Our AI-based ‘Cultural Mathematics’ serves as a tool for the orchestration of services and communication,  We close the loop between expression and action and achieve a self-sustaining win-win constellation.


Employees are increasingly becoming key for the success of a company. One reason for this is the narrowness and transparency of the labor markets. It is not money that solves the loyalty problem. It is a bouque of factors that make up for retention. We call it a Ecosystem.


Customers set the conditions for market success. Naturally, customers have a different perspective than providers, because there is an aim and an expectation of success behind their purchase. Both customers and providers are individually different but participation is central to the success of this activity.


Many companies are becoming more aware of the existential importance of their suppliers during this pandemic. Division of labor only works well in the long term if there are common goals. And suppliers are an important source of innovation and profitability.


Employment divided between the home office and 'New Work'

Home office working, the first step in the ‘New Work’ era, is here to stay. At the same time, it places certain demands on the employees. Prosper ensures participation in shaping the new world of work. It provides the company management and the employee representative bodies with a reference for decision-making, and it also ensures that the personal situation meets a certain acceptable standard.


Futuraise: Extending Custome Experience into the future

Markets have never changed as quickly as they are changing today. Deserted shopping streets are a sign that business models need to be re-thought. The more radical the change in thinking, the greater the risk for suppliers and providers of being left behind in this development. Futuraise is a participation platform that turns risk into opportunity. Customers’ new business models also help suppliers to use the future potential for themselves.


Foster: Suppliers as a source of new value

Division of labor and specialization are the basic foundations for value generation. The supplier is ahead of its customer in at least one important aspect, either price, quality or logistics – they are in control of these factors, not the customer. However, supplier relationships receive significantly less attention than customer relationships. The focus on participation via the ‘Foster’ platform ensures the functionality of the interfaces in terms of optimal development of mutual potential.


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“The clarity with which you bring your skills to bear in the market, the logic you use, the structured and consistent way you do what you do, in all my years of practice around the world, Metrinomics stands out as the clearest provider of this type of service that I have ever met.”

Ron Kaufman, Singapore
CEO of an international consulting company

“Metrinomics is very good at getting information, understanding it and getting it to the right places. You have brought the knowledge of ‘Interaction-as-a-Science’ to our company and helped us to initiate the right measures. It was an amazing experience to see how Metrinomics can advise.”

Ashok Dandekar, Dallas
Director of ‘Customer Excellence’

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