Foster: Suppliers as a source of new value

Division of labor and specialization are the basic foundations for value generation. The supplier is ahead of its customer in at least one important aspect, either price, quality or logistics – they are in control of these factors, not the customer. However, supplier relationships receive significantly less attention than customer relationships. The focus on participation via the ‘Foster’ platform ensures the functionality of the interfaces in terms of optimal development of mutual potential.


How well do the various feedback channels integrate cover the needs of communication, performance, and delivery?


How does the partner’s understanding of their roles fit together?

How good are the tools in providing conflict resolution?

Strategic fit

Does the development of your own strengths correspond to the future challenges of the customers?


Interface performance

The interfaces between suppliers and customers are becoming increasingly complex. However, that alone is no guarantee that all the necessary elements of exchanges and coordination will find the right way. The interface is evaluated as part of performance evaluation and conflict analysis. Open ends on one side that do not find an equivalent on the other side represent a potential for conflict that stands in the way of optimization. The interface also has a technical dimension and it has certain requirements in terms of the security of transactions.

Collaboration and process integration

What do partners see as their roles? Where is their focus in terms of value creation? How beneficial are discussions about innovation? Where are its initiatives coming from?

How well are the processes integrated on both sides? How interchangeable and standardized are they?

How well can problems and conflicts be resolved at the operational level?

What professional qualifications are available to ensure operational collaboration?

The way to a successful future

An important element in a supplier relationship is an orientation towards future challenges and goals, and the steps that need to be taken. The faster the technical development, the faster the value chain threatens to lose its worth. Digital transformation requires every company to have a strategy that is strongly influenced by the company’s actual business model. At the same time, monitoring strategic fit enables you to strengthen the value chain and to develop cooperation into a strategic USP.

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