What does Metrinomics actually do?

Our big theme is subjectivity. Everything looks different from every perspective. For the individual, their perspective is the 'truth'. While this used to seem chaotic, today we have tools to generate a subjective understanding of it. This is a prerequisite for smooth coordination of an organization's services and communication, with the underlying digital background.

Metrinomics develops interactive platforms that work ‘bottom up’, contrary to the usual way of communication: from employees to management, from customers to their suppliers, from parents to their children’s school administration. Actionable steps are then derived on that basis and these are regularly monitored for effectiveness.

We work with ‘subjective mathematical models’ in order to make ensure the views of the different parties on the same object are clear. We achieved our goal when a ‘win-win’ situation has been developed that maximizes overall value. We rely on AI processes in developing our systems.

For more than twenty years, Metrinomics has provided companies with platforms that systematically influence processes through feedback. Where we are effective, we increase loyalty, trust and commitment in the relationships between companies and their employees, customers and suppliers.

Metrinomics is actively involved in international professional associations and research groups. As a pioneer of ‘subjective mathematics’, we work with other companies to standardize procedures and processes that help measure value perceptions from different perspectives and use it for optimization.

The Twin Towers Berlin in the Kreuzberg - Friedrichshain - Treptow triangle - the home of Metrinomics

Metrinomics works with a core of 20 people from Berlin, supported by an international team of 45 people in different locations in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Metrinomics develops methods and shares the findings at specialist conferences in the USA, Europe and China. The scientific topic is the continuation of developments in the future